Massive Fire in Arshi Shopping Mall left three dead and several injured.

A massive fire erupted in the Arshi shopping mall F.B Area near Ayesha Manzil. Arshi Mall is a commercial and residential building with many Bed Mattress shops on the ground floor.

The fire is uncontrollably spreading to the whole building. The rescue officials confirmed three deaths and several badly injured; they also told hundreds of people had evacuated from the fire-caught building.

The rescue officials and local cops said the fire spread from one mattress shop to another and the whole building. The reason for the uncontrollable fire is the mattress’s foam that causes it to spread fire fast.

Rescue officials are trying to get the situation under. Sindh Interim Chief Minister Maqbool Baqar ordered a high-level probe into the incident, directed the Commissioner to report about it, and warned to take action against those involved in it.

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