Missing Kids from Nazimabad finally came back Home.

Two kids who were missing from North Nazimabad finally got back home safely.

According to FIR children left home at 11:55 pm, According to Mother of Kids they went to buy a burger at a burger chain shop and went missing. She also said that her brother went to look out for kids but they were nowhere to be found.

Mother of Kids also posted a video on social media for help to find her missing children.

Suddenly missing 12-year-old Girl Anabiya and his brother 11-year-old Ayan came back home safely which put Law enforces in odds.

(SSP) Central Zeeshan Siddiqui confirmed with media that the kids stated in their statment that they left home on their own.

Later, Mother Shumaila confirms on X by writing a post of her kid’s safe return to home.

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