Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse

On Tuesday, the most iconic Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed.

The reason for this unfortunate incident was that the giant cargo ship collided with Baltimore’s Bridge.

Six people were presumed dead as they were missing, and their search was suspended until Wednesday morning. Those six missing people were construction crew filling the Bridge’s potholes.
Honduras’ Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Antonio García told the Press that a Honduran citizen, Maynor Yassir Suazo Sandoval, was missing. He said he had been in contact with Suazo’s family.
Guatemala’s Consulate in Maryland said in a statement that “Two of the missing were citizens of the Central American nation.”
The Consulate of Mexico in Washington said through the X platform that Mexicon nations were also missing in the incident.

Cargo ship crew members issued a mayday call a moment before collision so the traffic could be stopped to cross the Bridge. Authorities had just enough time to prevent cars from crossing the Bridge.

The cargo ship was seen to be moving fast, with black smoke coming out of it, and lights were also flickering on and off just a few moments before it struck the central support system of the Bridge, causing the whole Bridge to collapse within seconds.

According to the data of Marine Traffic. The Dali, headed from Baltimore to Colombo, Sri Lanka, and flying under a Singapore flag, is about 985 feet (300 meters) long and about 157 feet (48 meters) wide.

All crew members and the two pilots on board were accounted for, and no injuries were reported.

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