Erica Robin made history by making it into the top 20 in the Miss Universe contest in 2023

First Pakistani Miss Universe pageant contestant Erica Robin is a 25-year fashion model and potential youth of Pakistan who created history by deciding to step into the 72nd Global Miss Universe Pageant 2023, conducted in El-Salvador, where she represented Pakistan elegantly for the first time.

Erica Robin belongs to the Christian community in Pakistan. Her life journey started in her hometown, Karachi, where she started her career as a Pakistani model. She works as a model for many known brands in Pakistan. Erica also achieved the Beauty Pageant title and is now Crowned Pakistan’s First Miss Universe 2023. She also made it into the Top 20 semifinalists, a proud moment for Pakistan.

Erica Robin, being a Christian, portrays Pakistan’s Culture and Tradition through her amazing gesture of walking onto a stage in a traditional handmade Pakistani-owned brand’s attire.

In an interview with journalist Dyancastillejo, Erica Robin stated this about her outfit.
“The design, we can see the shells and the sequence, which are all from Pakistan except the fabric. Everything is handmade, and everything, if you see the thread work, actually represents the women in Pakistan because art and craft are their life source.”

Once again, Erica makes history in the swimwear competition by wearing a burkini, making his nation proud by not wearing a bikini, and prioritizing her country’s traditions and customs. She became limelight of the competition by choosing a different route than others.

” She may not be the winner but wins by becoming the nation’s pride.”

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