People are Returning Back Apple Vision Pro

Apple launched its revolutionary product named Apple Vision Pro in the United States on February 2, It comes with 256GB of storage in the price range of $3499 (U.S).

Apple Vision Pro is an advanced technology that enables us to enter the world of 3D which gives an in-live experience to its users.
So what did go wrong when people started to return this Headset for $3499 within a few days after purchase?

Most of the people who owned the Apple Vision Pro Headset are sharing their reviews through different platforms of Social media regarding returning this Headset. The main reason for this is ‘Comfort’, The weight of the headset is loaded from the front which causes people not to carry it for long periods.

Not Just that many people are sharing their views on ‘X’ and that use of it for 10 Minutes causes Headaches and red and dry eyes.
Reddit User also wrote “If I’m not using this for productivity, and if I don’t love it for entertainment, and if there aren’t enough games to play on it – I just can’t justify keeping it,”

Indeed the Apple Vision Pro is a revolutionary product in the Technical world but it will take a lot of convincing power in all aspects to engage customers forever

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