Hazardous earthquake hit Arequipa.

Today, December 20, a 6.2-magnitude earthquake hit the city of Arequipa in Peru and Chile.

According to USGS the Earthquake hit at 5:11 pm and was 27 Km away from Pampacolca, Peru.

According to CRISIS24, the earthquake hit at 7:00 pm in Arequipa’s district, which is Iray. The epicenter was 11 km south-southeast Iray, and the depth was 93 km.

The most vigorous shake felt in many parts of the Arequipa Region. On the other hand, the Ayacucho, Moquega, Ica, and Tacna regions felt light shaking.

Arequipa Region, including Castilla Province, experienced landslides that caused road blockage, and electricity was also temporarily shut down until local authorities confirmed any damages in affected areas. Once everything is examined, the electricity will be back.

No casualties and severe damages have been confirmed yet, but local authorities have alerted people in remote areas about aftershocks.

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