24-hour extension: The Hamas-Israel truce extended for the 7th day.

Gaza-Israel conflict. Israeli released 210 Palestinians, and on the other hand, Hamas released 74 Israeli captives.

The Israeli war cabinet suggested the absolute final deadline for all of this is Sunday, which will be a ten-day ceasefire. Israel does not want to pause the fighting for more than ten days. The Israeli war cabinet statement said they will go in their time of choosing, and they have warned America about it. However, international mediators are pushing for more extensions of Truce.

The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, is in Tel Aviv for a meeting with the President, The prime minister, and senior military members. This meeting could be the reason for the extension.

Hamas Had said that they had reached a further extension of one day, which gave a clear sign that the People of Palestine would have one more new day without the Israeli bombings. The majority of people earlier this day started to return to the hospitals to remain in and to be away from the Israeli renewal of bombardments. Soon after getting news of the day extension, people started moving back to their houses. It is just that because they believe the renewal of fighting inside the Gaza Strip will bring devastation and catastrophic consequences in every aspect of life, Palestinians have had a clear sense of relief. They can right now have a moment of breath as the extension will be the way for further release of Israeli hostages from the Gaza strip, and also, Israel will release more Palestinian people from their jail.

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